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May 6, 2013 4:50am EDT
and nothing should be construed as representing the views of anyone in the obama administration. between those two pillars, and tried to navigate a path. i would like to take a moment and explain to you an argument warfare ino conduct this strange way. the united states has been involved in a global armed conflict with al qaeda and its affiliate organizations now for approximately 15 years. it was engaged in that global armed conflict before the u.s. government agreed that it was in it. -- al qaeda knew. but al qaeda was able to forcefully expressed to the u.s. that it was in such a conflict in august of 1998. here we are 15 years later and we are talking about whether that conflict can be conducted with remotely piloted vehicles in many countries around the world. let me offer two different paradigms' for how to think about this problem. in these paradigms' i will try to make this very clear and maybe too clear. you need to do three things. first, you need to define what is the doorway through which i must ensure that allows me to kill these people? what is the doorway? second, having passed
FOX News
May 5, 2013 7:00am PDT
tensions. >> jamie: coner powell, thank you so much. >> eric: all of this comes as the obama administration is continuing to consider the response to the mounting evidence that the syrian government dloirpd deployed chemical weapons. one consideration is send more non-lethal weapons to its own people and chuck hagel indicated the administration may be changing its position to coming to arming them. >> so you are rethinking the proposition to arming the rebels? >> yes. you look in recent and all options. it doesn't mean that you do or will. these are options that must be considered with partners, with the international community. what is possible. what can help accomplish these objectives. >> eric: what should the u.s. do? john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations. ambassador, good morning? >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> eric: think are open to possibilities. what do you think is possible? >> i think the administration is thinking out loud in full public view. i think that alone sends a very distressing signal to the assad regime, to hezbollah and lebanon and to the mull
May 10, 2013 7:00am EDT
to prevent attacks. our question for you this morning, what is your opinion of the obama administration's handling of the boston marathon bombings? that includes agencies in the administration. here are the numbers to call -- you can also find us online. send us a tweet. join the conversation on facebook. you can also e-mail us.' \ you today what you think of the administration's handling of the boston marathon bombings. the front page of the boston globe this morning, courtesy of the newseum -- here is a clip of mr. davis, a boston police commissioner, and house homeland security chairman michael mccall, of texas. [video clip] >> we know there was a department of, security officer in the joint terrorism task force who was alerted of tamerlan tsarnaev's overseas trips, a trip to russia in chechnya. were you aware that before the bombing? as i was not. >> the officers you assign to the task force, were they aware of? greg they told me they received no word on that individual prior to the bombing. , were madee bombing aware of this information? >> yes. >> at what point in time? it's intim
May 9, 2013 1:00am PDT
a conspiracy that the obama administration is buying as much ammunition as they can get their hands on so there's none left for the rest of us. see, that's how they are really going to disarm us, by taking away all the bullets, then the obama government can wage unopposed violent war on the disarmed populous of the united states. open your eyes, sheeple. but in hosting senator inhofe to spell all this out, laura ingraham, the talk show host, god bless her, actually asked the senator useful follow-up questions to try to get him to explain exactly how this conspiracy works. listen. >> what are they going to do if they want to violate our second amendment rights, do it with ammo. >> can you explain this to me, what do they need it for? >> well, they don't. that's the point. >> but it had been purchased before obama by the federal government. >> no, not these numbers, now, laura. not these numbers. and the best evidence of that is look what happened to the supply. the supply is gone, and where did they go, the supply some of it, of course, people knowing -- >> buying up. >> -- wants to take it up,
FOX Business
May 6, 2013 7:00pm EDT
or not, here is the just one week ago announcing that the obama administration was then confident that chemical weapons had been used. and he neglected to mention the white house itself had called for the united nations to investigate those reports. the president by that time was trying to walk back is redline rhetoric while acknowledging we simply don't know what is happening with serious chemical weapons. >> we have established with varying degrees of confidence that chemical weapons were used in limited fashion and syria. and the agent sarin, as we have said. we have a team won the united nations as a team ready to deploy within 24 to 48 hours. if he allows that the men and follows through on his stated commitment an interest in having this matter investigated. there is much more to be done to verify conclusively that the red line that the president has talked about has been crossed. lou: as the president, as even some of his supporters now worry, lost his footing in foreign policy, particularly middle east policy? we take that appeared tonight with former you had states ambass
FOX Business
May 4, 2013 10:00am EDT
>>> notwithstanding you for being with us. there appears to be a break in the obama administration's seven long effort to limit the public's knowledge on the terrorist attack in benghazi and that resulted in the murders of christopher stevens and scene smith and glen do you her at this. four career employees are seeking counsel from private attorneys to represent them in the face of white house threats to prevent them from divulging classified information to congress about benghazi. the perspective whcs have considerable knowledge what happened during the attack on the consulate and apparently the obama administration is concerning their views don't support the so-called official account of events. former justice official of the house intelligence committee victoria say it's a violation of law. she represents one of the state department employees. >> my client is being so compliant with the law. here is the state department was trying to ignore this until you beat up on this. they were obstructing justice. >> adam housley has learned from an unnamed special operator who watched the
FOX Business
May 10, 2013 7:00pm EDT
a great night. >> good evening it is clear tonight the obama administration rewrote intelligence assessments about the attacks on the diplomatic post in a bid gauzy with the murder of christopher stevens and three other americans. the rewrites and revision was due substantively distort about the truth of what happened and who was involved in the attacks. newly released female puts victoria space and directly at the center of the controversy who called for the alteration of the now susan rice slavish benghazi talking points and why and white house responded to the charges with a series of denials of the contentious press briefing today. also with the internal revenue service issued a highly unusual and troubling confession an apology not only a further embarrassment to this white house but will result in more congressional investigations of the obama administration conduct and political a station of the government. new reports today showed the highly specific intelligence that might have thwarted the boston marathon bombings were ignored by federal and agencies and tear on fox bus
FOX Business
May 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
learning key details that have not been publicly obama administration. we learn with a like a response to americans under attack by terrorists and the poor communications between the state department and the pentagon. this confirmed forces were available in tripoli but werr told to stand down before they could embark on a rescue attempt. >> we determined that we needed to send a second team from tripoli to secure the airport for the withdrawal of our personnel from benghazi after the mortar attack did >> or any of u.s. military personnel not permitted to travel on a relief mission to benghazi? >> they were not authorized to travel. >> what happened with those personnel? >> they remained in tripoli with us via lou: we also learned hicks was never contacted by the investor of the united nations, susan rice, or her staff before she went on five different sunday morning talk shows to deliver false talking points regarding a so-called protest sparked by an anti-islam video. said everybody on the ground that day was aware "from the get go" that it was a terrorist attack did >> so fast-forwar
FOX Business
May 5, 2013 2:00am EDT
. it is fda and obama administration is challenging a rule . new york court that is making it available without parental concept for kids 15. this highlights government regulation from time to time. >> president obama has daughters. >> let me go back to steve for a second. up were a tool of capitalism if you will. you don't trust government and the fda is the one regulating do you trust the fda to be good regulator. >> the fda made bad but the idea of regulations oranarchy, no. it is common sense is a potent drug and have devastating consequences and the idea of treating it like a piece of gum is preposterous. >> john, is there a role for government protecting us from bad or dangerous medications? >> i don't think so. sex, druggings, they are serious subjects and why do we leave to the government to protect us from these things? this is the job of pafts and not the job . government. >> we are not leaving it to them john. they can assist the parent. >> don't want tha help. >> lib tarianism doesn't mean devoid of all laws. i am one but i don't think you can go in the movie theater and yel
May 6, 2013 4:00pm PDT
administration's account of what happened there. >> it's the controversy that won't go away. why did the obama administration describe the attack on the u.s. consulate as a spontaneous protest? the attack resulted in the death of chris stevens and three other americans. some republicans argue it's an attempt to save face before the presidential election. >> there was a political decision to say something different than what was tronl say. >> the number two u.s. official says he knew immediately the september 11th sought was no protest. greg hicks a 22 year state department veteran says i thought it was a terrorist attack from the get go. i think everybody from the mission thought it was a terrorist attack from the beginning. un ambassador reciting talking points she received from intelligence officials that the attack was not premeditated though they contradicted what top libyan officials were saying. the obama administration admitted the incident was a terrorist attack. regardless of how initially described the white house says the administration acted properly. >> there was condition account
May 8, 2013 4:00pm PDT
ambassador and three other americans were killed it's the latest move in the obama administration and republicans accusing the white house of covering up information. coming up you'll hear witness testimony, how they're challenging the handling of the attack. why they say more could have been done. >> cheers from a neighborhood. a young woman is now back with her family. gina dejesus gave a thumbs up as she was welcomed back home by crowds of loved ones and neighbors. she was one of three women rescued from captivity on monday. her mother spoke to the crowds outside of the house. >> and i believe i want to say to them even the one that's doubted, i still want to thank them the most. they're the one that's made me stronger and feel the most that my daughter was out there. >> amanda berry is back home with her family. the fbi escorted berry and her 6-year-old daughter to her sister's home this morning. we arey's sister thanked the crowds but asked for privacy until they're ready to speak. the women were rescued after berry kicked out the bottom portion of a locked screen door and us
FOX News
May 7, 2013 1:00am PDT
like know that the obama administration at first told the world the attack was a spontaneous anti--american action. instead, it was a well-planned terrorist attack likely by al qaeda agents. so the testimony this week could be devastating to the obama administration and to hillary clinton who ran the state department at the time. the key question was there a coverup? five days before ambassador stevens was murdered, president obama spoke at the democratic national convention. >> we have blunted the taliban's momentum in afghanistan and in 2014, our longest war will be over. [cheers] >> a new tower rises above the new york skyline, al qaeda is on the path to defeat and usama bin laden is dead. [cheers] >> bill: part of president obama's platform last fall was the assertion that on his watch terror agencies were badly damaged. but if organized terrorists did indeed kill ambassador stevens, that claim would have been dubious. a few weeks after the benghazi attack, fox news analyst charles krauthammer said this. >> of course it effects the president because just a week earlier they ha
FOX News
May 11, 2013 10:00am PDT
, political retaliation. both are calling for the obama administration to investigate. here is the white house's reaction. >> there is no question that if this activity took place there needs to be action taken and the president would expect it be thoroughly investigated and action would be taken. >> the irs says only low-level staffers were involved in this singling out of conservative groups and higher ups were not aware. jaime? >> molly, i'm sure there will be more on this. we will check back with you. thanks, molly. coming up later in this hour, we will take a closer look at the admission by the irs and also even though there is bipartisan calls for more detail, what about the potential political fallout for the obama administration and the democratic party as a whole? take a look at that coming up. >>> the white house reportedly scrambling to contain the latest fallout from the benghazi scandal. according to reports newly released e-mail excerpts expose what some critics describe as the watering down of the intelligence community's report on the attack. this was used as u.n ambassador sus
FOX News
May 10, 2013 3:00pm PDT
evening, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. obama administration is in full damage control mode tonight over sudden exploding scrutiny how it explained the benghazi attack to the american people. the president's spokesman en during the day a grilling by reporters why the talking points were changed a dozens times. james rosen is here with today's developments. >> reporter: good evening. under a microscope as never before the obama administration heretofore secret deliberations how top officials should describe benz to the american people -- benghazi when a presidential election was looming on the horizon. >> at the white house reporters bomb board barded jay carney with questions about the inner agency process that scrubbed of multiple riwlgsz to al-qaeda, terrorism and islamic extremists. that called into question his insist tins that he had only one small change. >> and assigning responsibility and preliminary assessments suggested and it was concern about preserving the integrity. >> reporter: may 20 issue of cites an email that general petraeus sent four days after the attacks in wh
May 5, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of it makes the administration look good. how did a -- does a once-unstoppable obama get past so many immovable objects? and war in syria? not our responsibility. have americans 4 -- had it with being the unwanted liberators? finally, in loco parentis. the federal government says kids of any age should have the right to the morning-after pill. where are we going with this? hi, with us is dan rather, the bbc's katty kay and david ignatius of the washington post. rm president obama was elected actually to accept a new reality. look at his caution way back in the early days of his first campaign. ? no president should ever hesitate to use force une i larlely if -- unilaterally if necessary to protect our vital interests whether attacked. but when we use force in situations other than self-defense we should make every effort to garner the clear support and participation of others. chris: but this this week -- week the president said if chemical weapons were approved for use bit assad forces he may look at a range of options. >> there are some options we might not consider otherwise that w
FOX News
May 10, 2013 1:00pm PDT
that in all of the initial evidence that the obama administration had, there was, quote, no evidence that the this was preplanned attack. the publications we have seen just over the past week first by the weekly standard and fox news contributor steve hayes and now by abc news jonathan carl everybody shown that in fact from the earliest moments of the attack of various institutions within the obama administration, principally the central intelligence agency were quite certain this was a premeditated terrorist attack and carney was taking a grilling not just from fox news, in fact principally not from fox news in the briefing but from reporters from the various tv news networks, from cnn, our competitor, from print reporters, so we have seen whatever the back and forth between carney and the reporters that news media interest in the story has suddenly surged. >> he had show draw some fine lines and be very fine in his remarks, that is jay carney -- about what he knew and said at the time and what he was saying when a reporter said, were you aware of the revisions and trying to coordin
May 5, 2013 6:00pm PDT
a week part of president obama's administration, which is housing policy and how to deal with the affordability crisis. and there error still significant for closure issues. >> we have a former banker on the panel. pressure againt to lend. if you ignore the basic requirement of lending -- people have to have the capacity to pay it back. that gets lost in the shuffle when you start to push it out like that. thing, wees the same will be back where we were before. >> i think mel watt is one of the most people members of the house, well respected, and the fact that he took this job and left speaks to what it is like to be in the minority in the house. the minority has one big responsibility in the house, which is to make a quorum. a commentd say it is that perhaps he did not see the democrats winning in 2014. >> in the larger sense i am really interested by the fact that there is nobody there in most of these agencies. in the state department there are people who have left who are helping out. 25% of those jobs are unfilled. that is true of every agency, as it is in judgeship
May 4, 2013 6:30pm EDT
wheeler's nomination. this is what they say. our view remains the country, the obama administration could do far better than choosing someone to lead the fcc that has not made a career of lobbying for big cable and phone companies. the most likely outcome of a wheeler nomination is that he will be quickly approved, maintain the agency's relatively low profile, and avoid rocking the boat too much. even he doubts the power of the fcc to regulate, to affect regulatory change unless those regulated volunteer to submit to more regulation. the industry remains [indiscernible] , hen the at&t mobile deal wrote a lengthy piece indicating that he might be inclined to that would iner his view limit the reach and dominance of at&t. i don't know what this group would think. i don't know what they would think of what tom suggested. that indicates to me that tom probably knows that this is an , andmely delicate task there is a number of sensitivities that he's going to have to address as the head of the obama fcc. there is no question that tom's experience gives him the ability to work with these groups
May 5, 2013 5:30pm PDT
government and maybe pressure on the obama administration to intervene in syria, as well. we've got it all covered for you tonight. our chief correspondent richard engel is across the border in turkey. richard, good evening. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. israel hasn't acknowledged the raid in damascus, but u.s. officials say it was the israelis and they're not denying it. war makes for some pretty strange bedfellows. many syrian rebels welcomed the attack, even if it was from a most unlikely source. an israeli air strike against their common enemy, president bashar al assad's regime. 2:00 a.m. in damascus, an activist filmed the attack in secret saying god is great as the israeli bombs fell. more than a dozen targets were hit, shock waves felt a cross the city. a syrian rebel in damascus told us by skype, even though the raid was from israel, syria's decades-old foe it lifted the opposition's spirit. syrian state tv quickly blamed israel for the attack close to assad's palace. and helping the rebels they call terrorists. the missiles were bound for hezbollah, the militar
May 8, 2013 2:00am PDT
testimony into the obama administration's handling of the deadly attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi a damming indictment. nbc's tracy potts joins us from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that testimony coming from gregory hicks. he was the no. 2 diplomat in libya when a consulate was set up and attacked last fall. two ambassadors were killed. now in this testimony, we have a preview of what he's going to say today. hicks said there were special operations force, four available in tripoli. he asked for them and the military denied him. the state department saying those forces were needed to protect the embassy in tripoli. he also says he wanted jets scrambled overhead in benghazi to try to deter the attackers, but the military says that also was not possible because it would have taken them five hours to get there. they didn't have a midair refueler tank available. nevertheless, it is expected to be explosive testimony today. those lawmakers digging into whether the panel that investigated benghazi have as the panel chairs would say unfettered access to everyone w
May 8, 2013 4:00pm PDT
're under attack. >> hicks believes the obama administration could have done more that night in the days after the attack. u.n. ambassador susan rice recited talking points from u.n. officials that the attack was the response of a spontaneous protest, but the obama administration later admitted it was from a terrorist attack. >> cenk: there are two topics here. we do have done more to prevent the attack. and the one they're focusing on is that susan rice came out and lied on the sunday talk shows and the diplomats are saying from the beginning they knew it was a terrorist attack. what is your take. >> i think they haven way too dismissive. the republicans are in this to inflict political harm. you don't really care what the motive is, i think clearly the answer is yes, more so about whether the administration purposely down played what happened with an eye towards the looming presidential election, and there is a history where the administration often makes false statements like they did in the aftermath of the killing of osama bin laden that turn out to be utterly and completely false.
FOX Business
May 7, 2013 7:00pm EDT
by particularly the obama administration about stimulus, my lord,. >> this is 85 billion a month. how much the fed is pouring into the system, expanding the balance sheet. the sequester was supposed to be $85 billion a year. lou: well, i want to show the folks in the control room. >> this was engendered by this artificial level. i want to talk you to you about what this means for the future. what you expected the remainder of your. >> the stock market is an important indicator. it says something about business confidence and expectations. as the stock market goes up, whenever we are starting to see signs of that now what is good about this is that it's not it's not just about stock markets going up. it's really state that is recovering. that is one reason that the stock market keeps going up. >> you look great and i had. >> it looks good on you as well. lou: a quick programming note. coming up in the days and weeks ahead, great authors joining us here on the broadcast today. books that we believe will be bestsellers. joining us tonight, william burns and the doctor that treated and drugged preside
FOX Business
May 11, 2013 8:00pm EDT
by the obama administration. anwe begin with the lack of response to americans under attack byerrorists and the failure of communication between the state department, the pentagon and libya. hicks confirmed forces were available in tripoli, but were told to stand down before they could mount a rescue effort. >> we determined at we need to send a second team from tripoli to secure the airport for the withdraw of our personnel from benghazi ter the mortar attack. >> but were any of these u.s. military personnel not permitted to travel on a rescue mission or relief mission to benghazi? >> they were not authorized to travel >> what happened with those personnel? >> they remained in tripoli with us. >> we also learned hicks was never contacted by u.n. ambassador susan rice before she went on five separate sunday morning talk shows to deliver what turned out to bealse talking points on the protest sparked by an anti-islam video. hicks said everyone on the ground that day was aware from the get-go, he put it, tha it was a terrorist attack. >> so fast-forward, mr. hicks, to the sunday talk show
FOX News
May 8, 2013 3:00pm PDT
about what the obama administration knew when susan rice appeared on the sunday shows of september 16 came under fresh assault. >> did you report to anyone in washington within the first couple of days that there was anything in connection, a protest in connection to a youtube video? >> no. the only report that our mission made through every channel was that there had been an attack on a consulate. >> not a protest? >> no protest. >> further evidence that mr. obama's aides knew rice's narrative was false came when a gop law maker read from a previously undisclosed e-mail that beth jones, acting assistant secretary of state for the middle east, sent on september 12 about her discussions with the libyan ambassador. >> this is from miss jones to you, counsel for hillary clinton, to victoria nuland, to mr. kennedy, and i'm going to read from it. when he said his government suspected former gadhafi regime elements carried out the attack attacks, i told him that the group that conducted the attacks ansar al-shariah, is affiliated with islamic terrorists. >> on september 14, a document publi
May 6, 2013 4:00am PDT
to the terror attack in benghazi. an american diplomat contradicts the obama administration's initial claims about the targeting of the u.s. consulate last september. >>> air show disaster. a pilot is killed after losing control of his plane during a demonstration in spain. >>> and shark attack survivor. a florida teen escapes from the jaws of a hungry shark. >> it's pretty crazy how i didn't even feel it. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, may 6th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. >>> well, the syrian government says it will defend its people by all available means. syria blames israel for a pair of powerful air strikes close to the capitol, damascus. well, this morning israel is beefing up its defenses along its northern border. the israeli government has not commented officially, but a senior israeli official says the weekend air strikes targeted weapons iran is sending through syria to the militant group hezbollah in lebanon. susan mcginnis is in washington with more. susan, good morning. >> good
May 8, 2013 5:30pm PDT
investigating the obama administration's response to the attack which killed a u.s. ambassador, chris stevens, and three other americans. sharyl attkisson covered hick's testimony for us. >> reporter: greg hicks was the number two in libya to ambassador chris stevens when terrorists attacked the u.s. compound in benghazi. libya's prime minister called him after stevens had been missing for several hours. >> i think it's the saddest phone call i've ever had in my life. he told me that ambassador stevens had passed away. >> reporter: hicks questioned why the military didn't at least send a plane to buzz the mob and try to scare them off. the pentagon had said the closest jets were in aviano, italy, and would have taken up to 20 hours to get there. elijah cummings is the lead democrat on the oversight committee. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said they simply could not get there quickly. sir, do you have any reason to question general dempsey's testimony before the senate? >> again, i was speaking from my perspective. >> i understand. >> on the ground in tripoli based on what the d
May 9, 2013 4:00am PDT
. >>> on the record, three u.s. diplomats go to capitol hill and contradict the obama administration's account of the attack on the american consulate in benghazi. >> we the jury duly impaneled and sworn in the above entitled action upon our oath do find the defendant guilty as to count i, first-degree murder, guilty. >> and the guilty verdict in the jodi arias murder case, the arizona woman accused of killing her ex-boyfriend now says she hopes to receive the death penalty. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, may 9th, 2013. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, ariel castro, the man accused of kidnapping three women in cleveland and holding them captive for a decade is expected to appear in court this morning. no charges will be filed against his two brothers who were arrested with him. prosecutors say there's no evidence they had anything to do with the crime. meantime two of the victims had an emotional homecoming. vinita nair is in cleveland with the latest. good morning, vinita. >> reporter: good morning to you, anne-marie. th
FOX News
May 5, 2013 4:00pm PDT
, quote, red line. the obama administration wants more proof about the use of chemical warfare while it considers the white house's options. meanwhile, today the republican head of the house intelligence committee weighed in on this. >> we've been saying for some time now we believe over the course of two years small amounts of chemical weapons have been used. i think that's beyond a shadow of a doubt at this point. we really don't want to be the sheriff, but we do want to be the coach. that's where we can bring the most impact. >> steve centanni in washington with the news. steve, now that we've seen chemical weapons used in syria, we don't have details of how or when. is the white house any closer to taking action? >> reporter: well, harris, the pressure is clearly on. it's mounting as we speak, and defense secretary chuck hagel last week said arming the rebels is a consideration, but no decision has yet been made. >> i don't take any options off the table as commander-in-chief. circumstances can change. you never know what contingencies you have to deal with, but what i do know is
FOX News
May 10, 2013 4:00pm PDT
versions of the obama administration's talking points about the attack on you are u.s. outpost in benghazi. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. government emails now reveal the state department made major changes to those talking points. this is according to abc news. changes were made before ambassador susan rice, who you see here, use them in her interviews on five different sunday talk shows less than a week after the terror attacks here. is one example of how the memo changed in a matter of hours. remember, this would be telling the public about what happened that night. these are the before and after versions according to abc news. emails reportedly show the state department objected to naming a specific al qaeda affiliate. and mentioning previous cia warnings about extremists in benghazi. in the end, officials dropped both references from the final version. the state department spokeswoman also added, quote, these don't resolve all of my issues or those of my building's leadership. it's unclear if that leadership included then secretary of state hillary clinton. the att
FOX News
May 6, 2013 5:00pm PDT
voters believe the obama administration is covering up what happened in benghazi. 43% say they are not covering up anything. so we have a split. we also have apathy. more and more it seems americans would rather watch the jodi arias murder trial than pay attention to how the country is being run. if you don't believe me, go down to the mall tomorrow and casually ask some folks about what they buy benghazi. two words are likely to emerge? blank looks. the obama administration and that includes hillary clinton made a calculation that the american people simply don't care about the benghazi story. we will see how things play out this week. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. joining us from boston fox news analyst david hunt and here in the studio fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters. first to you. i know you have said ton this program and others that you believe there is a coverup, correct? >> absolutely. >> bill: wait, wait. >> not a conspiracy theirist guy, it's evident. >> bill: you believe the obama administration didn't tell the truth to t
May 6, 2013 12:00pm EDT
and the obama administration have practiced it, i think are correct. the devil is in the details, how in the problem we don't know a lot of the details. the obama administration would never have guessed four years later that they would now be being accused of war crimes, have the aclu suing them, have the human right's counsel conducting investigations of whether the obama administration is committing war crimes and violating international law. a british group has sued the british government for supposedly sharing intelligence with the obama administration, resulting in the death of a man in pakistan, so four years later, the obama administration is now finding some of the same charges that were leveled against the bush administration. a couple of years ago i wrote in "the post," called "will drone strikes become obama's guantanamo?" at the time i wrote that, i did not really think that drone strikes could have become obama's guantanamo. i think this is a real problem for them. they have been grappling with the issue through a number of officials -- john brennan, harold koh. others ha
May 10, 2013 6:00pm PDT
in the post-bush era. the right has really, really wanted there to be lots of obama administration scandals, too. today's heroic effort to finally try to get benghazi, nothing much as stuck. acorn, the new black panthers. everything has pretty much been a belly flop for them so far. but you know what? now there is one. seriously. it started out with a tea party group complaining in march of last year that they were being treated unfairly by the government. they said they were being unfairly targeted by the irs. tea party groups applied for tax exempt status and some of them got back letters from the irs like this one addressed to the waco, texas tea party. dear sir or madam, we need more information before we can consider your application for exemption. they wanted linings like copies of web pages, newsletters, any and all literature, copies of agendas and minutes from board meetings, copies of minutes from board officers. the oversight committee asked the commissioner about this seemingly extra attention that was being paid by the irs specifically to these tea party groups. >> i've gotten
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May 10, 2013 2:00am PDT
the obama administration to release those e-mails about the attack. elizabeth prann is live in washington. good morning, elizabeth. >> good morning, ainsley. well, the push for more information into the terrorist attacks in benghazi, libya, on september 11th, certainly didn't end on wednesday. house speaker john boehner is now demanding the white house order the state department to release e-mails about the attack. he says the public should have access to those conversations and that they have the right to learn more about the administration's early public comments that the assault was a result of spontaneous demonstrations. >> she had told the libyan ambassador that the attack was conducted by islamic terrorists. the state department would not allow our committees to keep copies of this e-mail when it was reviewed, and i would call on the president to order the state department to release this e-mail so that the american people can see it. >> now, in response, the state department is agreeing to work with speaker boehner and other lawmakers on capitol hill, even though administration off
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